Dear Parents,
On Friday October 25th, the CWL (Catholic Women’s League) will be hosting a family games night called Stingers Drive.  The CWL support the school in many ways.  This games night was created by them to support the school and to give families a fun night out together.  They have put a lot of hard work and time in making the event as enjoyable as possible for all of us.  
Last year we had about 100 people in attendance and the Stingers Drive game was very fun. The concept is simple – be the first one to create a bee.  Each part of the bee is given a number.  When you roll the dice, you draw the corresponding bee part that matches the dice.  Your table needs to work as a team to move the dice around quickly, but at the same time you are competing against each other and other tables.
I hope you will join me in attending the Stingers Drive family game night on Friday October 25th starting at 6pm with hot dogs and drinks.  The game will start promptly at 6:30pm.  Please hand in your order form to the office by Wednesday October 23rd.  The order form is attached.
Thank you for all your support.

Michael van der Pauw | Principal