St. Bernadette School Mission Statement

St. Bernadette Elementary School is dedicated to educating each child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically in partnership with parents, parish and the wider community.  We believe in creating lifelong learners by meeting the needs, and nurturing the individual abilities, of all the children we serve.  As a Catholic school, we model and live our faith in order to build the Kingdom of God.  Through our acts of discipleship, we honour the uniqueness of each child and their role in our school and the whole community.

St. Bernadette Vision Statement

As professional educators of St. Bernadette Elementary School we will:

  • Ensure every child is academically equipped to the best of their ability
  • Develop Catholic leaders through evangelization and service using a Christ-centered approach
  • Build community by creating a safe and welcoming environment
  • Honour the whole child by teaching to their different intelligences, building on their strengths, and offering varied instructional opportunities in order to inspire a love of learning

Statement of Commitment

St. Bernadette Elementary School recognizes that every person has the right to be in a school environment free from discrimination, harassment, abuse and violence; one in which the dignity and self-esteem of all individuals are upheld.  St. Bernadette Elementary School prohibits and will not condone any form of violence, abuse, bullying or harassment towards any student or employee of the CISVA.  St. Bernadette Elementary School follows the CISVA Policy on Harassment/Bullying Prevention of Employees that can be found on the CISVA website:

Please refer to the following documents on the CISVA website for more information:

  • CISVA Parent Code of Conduct (Policy 412)
  • CISVA Student Code of Conduct (Policy 407)
  • CISVA Policy on Harassment/Bullying Prevention of Employees (Policy 321)