Parent Participation Guidelines




At St Bernadette’s we are grateful for the many dedicated and hard-working volunteers. Our school community grows with the contributions of each person’s skills, talents and interests. The Parent Participation Program not only helps with the general operations of the school but it also fosters a sense of community as everyone works together to create a positive learning environment for our children.




  1. All hours must be recorded on OnVolunteers either by registering for an activity/task or by an ad hoc request for all unplanned/unscheduled task
    • Go to
    • username: the email address you provided to the school at registration
    • password: Stingers2016 (default password, please change after initial login)
  2. When it comes time to complete your task, be sure to sign in at the school office or with your activity coordinator as those sheets get submitted for verification of time completed.
  3. Committing to participation such as Bingo, PREP, Playground Supervision, Classroom Helper, Classroom Representative and Library are scheduled activities and require year-long commitments. This commitment must be honoured for the entire school year –parents may not switch to unscheduled participation once they are given their assignments.
  4. Participation in school events and projects such as Fundraising, Maintenance, Field Trips and Transportation, Hot Lunch and Special Events, etc are unscheduled activities and are not year-long commitments. It is the responsibility of these parents to be aware of opportunities to earn hours by checking OnVolunteers website, the newsletter and our school website for upcoming events.
  5. A minimum of 40 credit hours need to be completed by May 31st. There will be a one-year phase in period for families that were relying on hours earned in June (for the 2016-2017 school year only). If the required hours are not completed by this date, the post-dated cheque in the amount of $500 will be cashed in June.


Areas of Participation


Once you are assigned to an area you will be contacted by the Area Coordinator to work out a schedule and to answer any questions you may have. It is important to understand that once a schedule has been made up and work areas assigned, you are expected to remain committed to that area. You are responsible to find your own replacements. Should you find the need to change your area of participation during the year, you must contact your Area Coordinator immediately. We cannot guarantee that a position in another area will be available. Failure tomeet your obligation will result in reassignment to the ‘pay in lieu’ category requiring an additional fee. A comprehensive Parent Participation Registration Form will be distributed at the time of registration/re-registration.




Any questions regarding parent participation can be addressed to