Edition No. 18 | February 20, 2015

Movie night this Friday is cancelled due to so much sickness in the school. We will announce later if we would be able to reschedule soon.

Annual General Meeting
We would like to thank again all the families that attended the AGM on January 29th. We thank you all for your suggestions and comments. As we move forward, we look forward to working together as a community.

Please hold on to your used clothes and household items in order to donate to a good cause while helping fundraise for the school.
Drop-off Schedule: Around April 29th, specific drop-off dates
will be announced later

Acceptable items include:
 Clothing and any small household items from books, toys, pots, pans, dishes, glass wares, decorative items, to small appliances like toaster ovens, kettles, or sporting equipment.
 We do ask any hard items to be separated into boxes for handling purpose.
 No furniture, TV’s, computers, baby cribs, baby car seats, swing sets, or any large items will be accepted.
 No PILLOWS Upcoming Events:
Movie Night
Clothing Drive
April 2015