March 25th, 2015
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 Stingers Activity Club registration package
March 25th – Hot Dog Day
March 25th – Report Cards go home
March 26th – Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-8:00
March 27th – Parent /Teacher Conferences 9:00-1:00 (No School)
April 1st – FHC Retreat 6:30-8:00
April 2nd – Holy Thursday Retreat
April 3rd – Good Friday (NO SCHOOL)
April 5th – Easter Sunday
April 6th – Easter Monday (NO SCHOOL)

For the month of March the school will be focusing on the virtue of justice. Justice is one of the cardinal virtues. As a cardinal virtue, all virtues that lead to the provision of one’s rights is justice. It is the proper moderation between self-interest and the rights and needs of others. It empowers us to give others their due at all times.
As a school we will be focusing on how students regulate relationships with their classmates, family, and those who are less fortunate. Justice is essentially a moral virtue that allows students to show piety, gratitude, liberality, kindness, honesty, truthfulness and friendliness. We will provide further opportunities for students to demonstrate their compassion for others. “The highest form of compassion, a product of justice, resides in affirming another’s right to exist”.
Application forms for new students for the upcoming school year 2015-16 are now available and can be picked up from the school office. Families who have children entering Kindergarten will be given the application form with the Re-registration package.
Promotional Event: Current families get their re-registration fee for the following year (currently $150) waived if they refer a family that stays the year.
Re-registration packages will be sent home on Thursday, March 12th. Please ensure that when you are re-registrating your child(ren) that all forms have been completed and all cheques submitted. If you are registrating your child for Kindergarten please ensure that all documentation is included, we will not be accepting any packages with missing documentation.
If your child(ren) will not be returning for the upcoming school year please inform in the office in writing at your earliest convenience, as we have families on the wait list.
Re-registration dates are April 10th 3:15-8:00 or April 12th 9:00-1:00. Packages will not be accepted prior to these dates.


Edition No. 21| March 25, 2015

Please hold on to your used clothes and household items in order to donate to a good cause while helping fundraise for the school.
 Acceptable items include:
 Clothing and any small household items from books, toys, pots, pans, dishes, glass wares, decorative items, to small appliances like toaster ovens, kettles, or sporting equipment.
 We do ask any hard items to be separated into boxes for handling purpose.
 No furniture, TV’s, computers, baby cribs, baby car seats, swing sets, or any large items will be accepted.

 Drop-off Schedule:
 Sunday, April 26, 9:30am to 1:00pm
 Monday, April 27 and 28, before and after school
 Clothing drive bags will be available in the next couple of weeks. You can pick them up in front of the school office. In case you ran out of bags, you can use the regular garbage bags.
 Volunteers are needed. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Sonja Rematore via e-mail at .
Clothing Drive
April 2015