Lights of Hope Fundraiser

November 2nd – December 4th, 2015


Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to be involved in this year’s Lights of Hope Fundraiser.  Any fundraiser or event that combines prayer, spiritual reflection and growth, with the coming together of a community is a privilege like no other.  The Lights of Hope Fundraiser is an opportunity for us to gather and pray for each other while at the same time we raise money for the children at St. Bernadette’s.  This is the beginning of a great tradition for everyone in our community.  Thank you again for all your support and generosity.

Yours in Christ,

Michael van der Pauw



What are Lights of Hope?

The Lights of Hope Fundraiser is a special and unique event that combines the needs of the school with its spiritual direction.  Students will be selling Christmas light bulbs that will represent a prayer intention and our connection with Jesus.  “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. – John 8:12

The Lights of Hope fundraiser not only helps our school, but also allows for those donating to make intentions that will be brought to our Christmas concert where it will be blessed by Fr. Paul and then remain lit in the court yard through the light bulb they purchased as a symbol of their intention. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”. – Matthew 5:16

The fundraiser also allows our students to live this year’s CISVA theme “Proclaim Jesus with Loving Hearts”.  The students are given the opportunity to express and share their faith in a safe and respectable manner while raising money for the school.


How can we participate?

Every student will be given 25 prayer intention cards.  The prayer cards are filled out every time you sell a Christmas light bulb for $5.00. Students (along with their parents) are to fill out the seller’s sheet to keep track of their purchases.  When all 25 bulbs are sold, the student brings in the seller’s sheet, the intention cards, and their money to school.  At that time the student can pick up another 25 prayer intention cards.


What happens to the Christmas light bulbs?

When all the bulbs are sold (our goal is to sell over 4000 bulbs!) they will be strung up on the trees in the court yard between the church and the school.

On December 10th, the night of the school Christmas Concert, there will be a small celebration before the concert begins.  During the celebration the choir will sing while families enjoy hot chocolate and light snacks.  Then, Fr. Paul along with Mr. van der Pauw will lead everyone in the blessing of all the intentions that were collected over the past month and also bless the lights that are strung up in the court yard.  Immediately after the blessing the Christmas lights (representing the intentions and prayers) will be turned on for the first time.  The lights will be on from December 10th to January 10th.

After the lighting ceremony, everyone is invited into the church for the school Christmas Concert.  A beautiful way to end an unique, spiritual and special fundraising event in our school.




Individual Prize

For every 25 bulbs sold, a student gets to enter their name into a draw for a brand new iPad.  The iPad will be displayed in the school starting on Thursday November 5th.  The more a student sells, the greater the chances are of winning.

Class Prize

The class that sells the most bulbs will receive a non-uniform day along with an ultimate Pizza Party for the whole class.  This includes of course PIZZA along with drinks, snacks, and a movie to enjoy during their party.  It will be a great way to celebrate their achievements.


For more information please contact the school

St. Bernadette Elementary Catholic School
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phone: (604) 596-1101
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