June 11th, 2015

• PEC Newsletter
• Sports/Fun day agenda
June 12th – Sports/Fun Day (1:00pm dismissal)
June 15th – Planning Day (NO SCHOOL)
June 19th – Grade 7 Farewell 6:00pm
June 21st – Happy Father’s Day
June 22nd – Parent Appreciation Tea/Talent Share (1:00pm)
June 26th – School Mass
June 26th – Last day of school (12:15pm dismissal)
For the month of June, the school will be focusing on the virtue of wisdom. Wisdom is an intellectual virtue that requires carefully considered reason. As virtues go, wisdom, or prudence, is seen to act in all virtues and allows them to reach their respective potential. We always want those that we interact with to be wise and use right judgment justly and as such, we also owe that to others. As we apply wisdom to our actions and words, what becomes difficult is when we are asked to make judgments in which various goods have to be weighed against each other. It is a tough but valuable lesson to learn. As teachers, parents and community members of St. Bernadette’s, we want to encourage our students to use wisdom when making tough decisions. It is good to look to Jesus as an example for us to follow. The wisdom of Jesus is found in his acts of service. Through his works, Jesus became an example of how wise actions allow every member of the community to mature, accept responsibility and inevitably to engage in self- governance. Merely considering doing what is right does not make one wise. It is found in our words and deeds.
For our final month of this school year, our prayer for all our students is that they grow to be prudent and wise in all their major life choices. We also pray that our grade 7’s, who are receiving the gift of Wisdom through Confirmation, are filled with the Holy Spirit and have their hearts instructed by the Word of God.

This year’s theme for the Sports/Fun day on Friday, June 12th is “Under the Sea”. Please see attached agenda. Dismissal will be at 1:00pm.

There are quite a few items in the Lost & Found. Please check to see if any of these items belong to your child(ren). If you are going to be attending the Sports/Fun Day, the Lost & Found table will be set up. Any items left over at the end of the school year will be donated to charity.

School supply order forms from School Start were sent home a few weeks ago. You are not obligated to order from School Start, however, if you choose to purchase the school supplies from another retailer we ask that you please keep the order form from School Start as your list, as we will not be sending home a school supply list. The deadline to order is June 15, 2015 no execptions.
The staff of St. Bernadette School would like to extend an invitation to all our volunteers who have made our 2014-15 school year such a success with all their hard work and support of both our students and teachers. To show our appreciation we are holding a Social @1:00pm in conjunction with the Talent Share on Monday, June 22nd. Supervision for students and younger siblings will be provided. Students who are participating in the Talent Share are reminded to bring their music, instruments, etc. that they will need/require for their performance.


We are pleased to announce that Greg Palm, and Ashley Hartnett have been elected by acclamation. They will fill two of the three vacancies on the PEC for the two-year term running from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017.

We would also like to welcome Stephannie Drysdale and Marc Fournier in the committee. Stephannie has been appointed by Father Paul to fill the third vacancy for the two-year term running from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017, and Marc will cover a resignation for term July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.


Last week’s Fun Fair was a success, helping to raise over $4000. The money raised will be used to improve technology at the school.

Huge thanks to the many parents who helped organize, set up and run the event. This event wouldn’t be possible without the many volunteers who contributed.


The end of the school year is fast approaching which means the volunteer hours are being tallied up and cheques may be cashed soon.

Please do not forget to record all parent participation hours in the binder located opposite the school office.