Cloverdale Catholic played hosts to a Grade 7 Basketball tournament on Friday and it was a good one! Unique format with the Co-Ed play where the boys and girls alternate line-ups every quarter.

  • Game1: St. Bernadette defeats St. Catherines
  • Game2: St. Bernadette defeats Cloverdale to get to the finals
  • Game3: St. Bernadette defeats OLGC for the championship

The squad which consisted of the Grade7 Boys, Grade7 Girls and Grade6 Girls really came together and competed on every possession. Congrats to the team as well for winning the shooting competition where the team got to enjoy a bucket of sour candies! Don’t worry the sugar paid off for that last game.

Thanks to the parents who drove and watched a great day of competition! Big thanks to Ms. MacDonald and Mrs. Schollen for setting it up and we’re looking forward to the OLGC tourney at the end of the month.

Remember, “They put their jerseys and shorts on the same way, the height of the hoop is the same,  the ball will always be round ……….. the only difference is what’s in your heart and in your mind!” Go team go!