School Donations

November 16th, 2015

RE: Donations to the School

Dear Parents,

It is warming to hear that there are individuals in our community that are looking to contribute to our school in specific ways above and beyond what is typically asked. It has been expressed that these contributions to the school would be done through one time monetary donations, discounts or donations through their place of business, and/or lending their expertise in a particular trade or area. We are thankful to the parents who have already donated to our school throughout the years and we are grateful to the parents who wish to continue this tradition. Previously we have had school computers donated, Christmas decorations purchased, electrical work done, handyman tasks completed, and electronics given to the school just to name a few.

If you would like to contribute to our school beyond what you already do, the following is a needs list for the school (see next page). These items do not fit into our current budget and are much needed. I would like to thank everyone for their generosity towards our school and students through their time and donations. It is greatly appreciated and goes along way to making our school great!

Thank you so much for all that you contribute!


Yours in Christ,

Michael van der Pauw




Fixed height basketball system – outdoor basketball hoop and pole – $3400.00 each (1 – 2 needed)

Indoor ball carrier for basketballs – $250.00 each (2 needed)

Pads for walls in the gym – $1500.00


Chromebook Cart – $2000.00

Mac Mini for iPad Cart – $700.00

Chromebooks – $400 each

General Maintenance

Furnace replacement $3000.00 – $3500.00 + GST per unit (12 needed)

Line Painting – new parking lot lines and lines for games – $500.00

New fencing in and around the school (awaiting quote)

Carpet replacement with linoleum flooring (awaiting quote)



Bean Bag chairs for the Library – $300/each (2-3 needed)

10 Rubbermaid tables – 30” x 72” – $150.00 each

60 folding chairs – all steel construction – vinyl seat and back – $60.00 each

Chair caddy – hold up to 84 folding chairs – $750.00

First Aid kits for each classroom, gym, and LAC room – $100.00







St. Vincent De Paul Society Food Drive

St. Vincent De Paul Society Food Drive

November 17th – 23rd


Dear Parents,

The school had assembly to kick off our St. Vincent de Paul Food Drive. The Grade 5 students put together a powerpoint presentation and created skits to help student understand the role of the St. Vincent De Paul Society and to learn about how we can help.  The students also listened to Mrs. Drake, a member of the society, speak about how and where the food is going.

For 5 school days starting on Tuesday November 17th and ending on Monday November 23rd students are asked to bring in non-perishable foods to help fill Christmas baskets for needy families as well as to assist in stocking shelves for the months to come. During her talk, Mrs. Drake informed the students that they are overstocked with tuna, soup and Kraft Dinner. As a school we would like to focus on providing them with other food options.

Since it is the Christmas season let’s help the people who receive this food experience that special holiday feeling. Please consider giving chocolates or candies, cookies, jams or other festive foods.

As we did last year we will be adding a competition between grades to see which class can bring in the most items. For the class that brings in the most nonperishable food items they will win a non-uniform day and they will be allowed to watch a movie for their prize.

St. Bernadette School community has a great history of generosity. We thank you in advance for whatever you are able to give to this worthy cause.


God bless,

Mrs. Chu and Mrs. Fong

Grade 5 teachers